Clean Energy USA among Top 100 residential solar contractors

September 14, 2020

Rehoboth Beach-based Clean Energy USA has been named by Solar Power World magazine as one of the 100 largest solar contractors of residential photovoltaic solar power systems in the United States and the No. 1 installer in Delaware.

Across the entire PV solar industry, including commercial and utility-scale contractors, Clean Energy USA broke through to be among the top 250 contractors nationally.

Clean Energy USA President John Sertich said, “We are gratified to have been acknowledged by our industry in such a way. The credit really goes to our dedicated team and to the growing number of Delaware homeowners who have embraced the promise solar power represents.”

The only Delaware-based solar installer to break into the top 100, Clean Energy USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Schell Brothers. While the solar power industry saw year-over-year growth of 15 percent, Clean Energy USA experienced more than twice as much growth in the same period.

“Schell Brothers strives to bring the most efficient and forward-thinking homes available today, which is why we consider solar a significant value-add. We are proud to offer our customers the option to include solar as part of their homes.” said Chris Schell, CEO of Schell Brothers. “Solar power represents more than just what homeowners gain from having it, but also a real commitment to our community to ensure its well-being for future generations.”

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. A house or business uses that electricity, reducing the amount it needs to buy from utility companies. When a property cannot use all of the power being created by the solar panels, the excess goes through the electric meter, spinning it backward at the same rate as it spins forward. If at the end of a billing period, the meter shows that more power has gone out through the meter than into the meter, a credit will show on the customer’s electric bill. This concept is called net metering.

Systems have an estimated functional life of 30 years, and most solar panel manufacturers include 25-year product warranties.

State and federal incentives have helped drive growth in solar, and that has made the price of solar lower through increased efficiencies and competition.

“The State of Delaware and the large power companies have been great partners in solar electricity. It benefits the utilities by providing relief for the grid during peak sunshine hours in the summer,” said Sertich.

Founded in 2007, Clean Energy USA designs and installs PV solar electric generating systems for residential, commercial and institutional structures. 

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