Crust & Craft makes best mozzarella sticks in Delaware

Eat This, Not That! names the tastiest version in each state
July 23, 2021

Few finger foods can compare to the classic mozzarella sticks. They’re crispy yet wonderfully gooey at the same time.

They’re also easy to find. “No matter where you are, there’s a perfectly fried piece of cheese not too far away,” said Jessica Farthing, who writes for the website Eat This, Not That!

The site recently listed the best mozzarella sticks in each state, and Crust & Craft in Rehoboth is the editors’ choice for Delaware.

Part of SoDel Concepts, Crust & Craft features mozzarella sticks that are “homemade, creating the perfect crispy and cheesy treat,” Farthing said. “There is even a mozzarella stick grilled cheese sandwich that appears on the menu occasionally.”

The appetizer, which has been on the menu since 2019, is popular among locals and coastal visitors, said Doug Ruley, vice president of culinary operations for SoDel Concepts, which has 12 – soon to be 14 – restaurants in coastal Sussex County.

“Not many restaurants go to the trouble of making mozzarella sticks by hand,” he said. “They’re not overly breaded, which makes them light and crisp.” Each stick is gently dusted with grated pecorino cheese.

To dip, guests receive a tomato sauce made with Stanislaus tomatoes, which are known for their fresh, bright flavor.

All SoDel Concepts restaurants are open for dining and carryout. 

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