Delaware Branding Company launches new venture

Delaware River Adventures to rent kayaks and canoes in Milford
March 10, 2018

This year, the owners of Delaware Branding Co. in Milford are expanding into kayak and canoe rental. After hearing the news of the city spending nearly $200,000 building a new pavilion and floating kayak ramp right down the street from her tattoo shop, Cat Perfetti, owner of Delaware Branding Company, couldn't help but ask herself where the kayaks would be coming from. After she mentioned this to her husband and co-owner/artist, Mike P, Delaware River Adventures was born.

As it turns out, Mike P had spent two summers in the ‘80s running canoes up and down the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, hauling groups for two-hour trips and overnight excursions from Port Jervis, N.Y., to Portland, N.J. "We spent the winter securing trailers and a fleet that can accommodate 20 people," he said. “The river is less than 150 yards from the front door of our shop, and I never see anyone on it. When I was growing up, I practically lived on the river. Fishing, camping for days, rafting ... just having fun with our friends."

In addition to the nearby lakes and beaches, the owners of Delaware River Adventures really look forward to bringing adventure to the Mispillion River.

Perfetti said, "Will we be doing hourly rentals for the lakes and beaches? Yes. But it's the folks that are looking to take the trip from the dock in Milford all the way to the beach we are really looking forward to get out on the river!"

Mike P said, "It's a great sense of accomplishment for people. Seeing that map and thinking 'How are we going to do that?' and seeing the anxiety on their faces. But when you meet them at the pickup, the anxiety is gone and has been replaced with achievement. I think it's exciting for all of us!"

Delaware River Adventures is located in Milford and has trips available for all skill levels.

"Just show up with your gear, we will load you up in the truck, get you started. Give us a call when you are done, and we will pick you up and get you back to the shop. It's that easy!" said Perfetti. "We are just really excited for the weather to warm up so people can paddle down the river and experience all that our great little city of Milford has here. Great food and drinks, art galleries, a playhouse ... it's a good place for a family getaway."

To book for the upcoming season, go to For more information, contact Perfetti at Delaware Branding Company, 302-422-4538 or