A Guide to Recycling Right in The First State

Delaware Recycles

It's second nature.
April 22, 2021

Recycling is the easiest way individuals can protect our environment.

Recycling, waste reduction and reuse are all essential to environmentally responsible consumer behavior and align with the mission of Earth Day. The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, along with its sister agency, the Delaware Solid Waste Authority, worked to support this guide to help illustrate what Delawareans can do to include these principles in their everyday lives.

Delaware made recycling easy by creating a single program for the entire state that is the same regardless of being at home, school, work or play. Recycling “RIGHT” is the best approach for people to take. That means putting acceptable items into your recycling bin and disposing of unacceptable items properly in your trash or at a household waste drop-off collection site.

Keep this guide handy throughout the year and make Earth Day every day.

Flip through the pages using the arrows below to view the booklet that will be inserted into Cape Gazette’s Friday, April 23 edition. Click here for the fullscreen view and PDF option.

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