Dewey Beach Yacht Club taking shape

Site of former Pier Point Marina to offer boat slips, water sports this summer
March 16, 2023

Story Location:
115 Rodney Avenue
Dewey Beach, DE 19971
United States

The site of the former Pier Point Marina, now known as Dewey Beach Yacht Club, is undergoing a phased series of renovations and will open late spring or early summer.

Rafael Correa, chief financial officer of Blue Water, which purchased the marina in 2021 for $5.75 million, said renovations will happen in stages and are not all finalized, but some amenities will be available this summer.

“We are excited about the prospect of what Dewey is and what it’s becoming,” Correa said, noting that the traditional party town is transforming into a more sophisticated, fun town. “We are excited to be part of that transition.”

All buildings on the property have been demolished except for the three-story structure comprising the marina office and two apartments. These areas will be completely renovated, Correa said.

A new lobby and welcome center will comprise the first floor, with brand-new bathrooms and showers, he said, and the apartments will be converted into two luxury rental units.

The parking lot will be resurfaced, and must-have boating supplies will be available in the ship store. Regarding boat rental slips, Correa said existing slip holders will be offered the opportunity to renew, and then a waiting list will be established.

This summer, water sports will be introduced to give visitors and locals more access to the bay, he said. The public will be able to rent personal watercraft, pontoons and 17-foot skiffs. Fuel service will also be available.

Other renovations are not yet finalized, Correa said, but Blue Water specializes in creating unique destinations. The plan is to maximize the limited space for people to enjoy whether they’re boaters or not, he said. 

“We like to experiment with new concepts and ideas, so it’s not unusual for us to try new things,” he said.

The Dewey Beach Yacht Club website states that a pool, fitness center, clubhouse and two-bedroom rental houseboat will be available in 2024.

The former Pier Point Marina has been in operation since at least 1949, when it was Wilson’s Pier. In 1958, it was known as Simpson’s Marina. The McKinney family owned the property from April 1966 to December 2021.

Blue Water owns a number of hotels, campgrounds and attractions from Maine to Florida, including nearby Bay Resort Hotel on Bellevue Street in Dewey, which it purchased in 2019

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Public parking 

At the March 10 commissioners meeting, Town Manager Bill Zolper said a survey of the marina property showed that the town owns land all the way to the bulkhead at the end of Rodney Avenue bayside. The town will put public parking spaces in the right of way in that area beginning Monday, May 15, Zolper said.


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