Do not develop Cape Henlopen State Park

December 6, 2022

I am an out-of-stater who has been visiting the Delaware beaches for 20-plus years – spring, summer, fall and winter. Our primary area to visit and stay is Lewes. We love the small-town charm, history and beauty of the First Town in the First State. Over the last few years, development has been rampant to the point of shock and concern. The one area that remains seemingly untouched from development and congestion and has the innate ability to hold the peace and serenity of nature, as well as the history of the town, is Cape Henlopen State Park. I am writing to implore you, please do not allow Big Chill/LaVida Hospitality to build a fully functioning restaurant. I do feel the physical trash, light and noise pollution will detract from the natural state of the park. I understand a recent survey showed park users want higher level of food service and improvements to visitor amenities. As a frequent park user, I must politely disagree on this point and context. Yes, improvements to the restrooms and some slight modernizations would be nice, but not at the expense of the natural state of the park. To take away anymore wildlife habitat, to have human infringement further defined on the face of this beautiful park is taking a step in a direction from which I fear we cannot come back – only serving to propel continued development of these prized resources forward. 

I ask those of you in positions of power, those with the direct ability to say yay or nay to this proposal to please listen to the community and divert this proposal. I truly believe there is a common ground that can be found to meet needs without transforming the face of Cape Henlopen.

Katie Roseman
Coopersburg, Pa.


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