The Eagles get more and more disappointing

December 4, 2020

On Monday night, the Philadelphia Eagles lost by the score of 23-17, but the score was quite misleading. The game was definitely not that close. The Eagles scored a garbage time touchdown with 12 seconds left on a Hail Mary pass. The defense actually played pretty well and held the Seattle Seahawks down for a while. The Eagles offense was incredibly frustrating to watch, not just once in a while, but for the entire game! I don’t know why they don’t like to use Miles Sanders, their best player, to run the ball a lot more. To add to the frustration, I also don’t understand why Doug Pederson decided to go for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter, when they were already down by 11 points and in decent field goal range. If they had made the field goal, it would have been a one-score game with about eight minutes left.

If the team doesn’t win at least a few more games, I think Pederson will be fired at the end of the season. And I don’t think it’s going to get much better this week, because the Eagles play Green Bay in Green Bay, but we can always hope.

To end my football rant on a good note, I am very surprised that the Pittsburgh Steelers are 11-0 for the season so far. It would be very odd to end this already strange year of 2020 with an undefeated professional football team, but the way the Steelers are playing, it's a good possibility!

The NBA training camps have begun. The season is scheduled to start on the 22nd of this month. This could be a very risky move. There is no bubble format because all 30 teams are going to be traveling around the country like the NFL is now. The big difference is that there are only 15 players on each roster and they will be indoors instead of outside. This leaves no margin for error to play the games should there be any COVID issues. I don’t understand why the NBA is in such a rush to start the season over again after only having a 71-day off-season. Some of the players wanted to have until Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January to have more time to recover. To me that seemed reasonable. Only the first half of the season schedule will be released to the public to see how things go once the season starts.

Stay safe and warm, and most of all WELL!


  • A 2002 Cape grad and 2007 UD grad, Lewes resident Sumner Spence is one of the Cape area's biggest sports fans. Wheelchair-bound his entire life, he has lived vicariously through his sports-playing father, brother, and friends, who gave him his love of sports. He hopes to provide new and interesting perspectives on the sports stories and issues of the day. Email Sumner at

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