Equity Counts Data Center launches on DHHS portal

November 20, 2022

The Equity Counts Data Center is a newly launched online database that integrates local information on a broad range of social indicators, from health statistics to education, income and wealth, safety and criminal justice, and more. The Delaware Division of Public Health, United Way of Delaware and Delaware Racial Justice Collaborative partnered for the project.

The Equity Counts Data Center was created to provide organizations, change leaders and communities with the data and resources they need as they address institutional and historical barriers that impact Delawareans’ well-being and opportunities to thrive based on race, gender, sexual orientation and other identities.

Previously, an organization that wanted to implement or drive social programs and policies needed to compile data from scores of state and federal data sets on a wide range of websites. The Equity Counts Data Center comprises information from a coalition of data-sharing partners in one inclusive, easy-to-use, graphic-format website housed on the Division of Public Health’s My Healthy Community portal at

“This is a game-changer for Delawareans. Far too often, we want to create change, but we don’t have the baseline data to show to why this work really matters. The Equity Counts Data Center will help anyone that wants to make change in Delaware find the comprehensive data they need in one centralized place,” said Michelle A. Taylor, UWDE president and CEO.

Data is presented at the state and ZIP code levels, with comparisons available by race, ethnicity, gender and age to promote data-driven decisions, and guide policies, programs and practices.

“The Equity Counts Data Center is the resource for communities, schools, organizations, and people who have been working for change in their communities and voicing the why but need data for ongoing support. Now, in one convenient location, they can find the data to raise those voices and lift the change,” said Sequoia Rent, DPH health equity administrator.

Equity Counts Data Center will help those intending to effect change and create more equitable communities better understand how and where to concentrate their efforts and resources to have the greatest impact.

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