Geranium fundraiser order deadline is April 1

AAUW’s aim is to nurture female students
March 12, 2020

As part of its mission to provide scholarships for promising young female students, the Coastal Georgetown Branch of the American Association of University Women will host a geranium sale, just in time for spring and Mother’s Day. Orders are due by Wednesday, April 1.

For years, AAUW has awarded scholarships to enterprising high school seniors who wish to continue their education. The group distributed $10,500 to four young women last year and hopes to increase that total in 2020, thanks in large part to the flower sale. Six-inch pots of red, white or coral geraniums are available for $6 each, and 10-inch hanging baskets of red geraniums are $12.50 each, all supplied by Jeff’s Greenhouses.

To order, email Scholarship Chair Sheri Borrin at


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