Get out and fish this summer

July 14, 2022

Summah time feeshin. It is in full swing. Some days are better than others; we live for the overcast rainy days. It’s much better weather for the fish and keeps the crowds to a bare minimum on the beaches, creeks and ponds. Going out in a boat is tough during most stormy days, but we do get a few calm, overcast days. This weather has been glorious with these cooler nights.

At least the options are numerous for targeting different species. Anglers at Assateague are still getting large red drum.  I can’t call them bull reds; that is a female fish. This has been random action but it’s good to see. There is nary a migratory striped bass to be had, but I have heard of some big girls landed. Mostly it is slot striped bass fishing around the Delaware Bay and tributaries.  The best fishing for striped bass is at night this time of year.  Using sand fleas for the slot fish helps increase the catch odds, or you could just use swim shads and bucktails.  

Croaker kingfish, spot, weakfish and all the small summer fish are in the surf. That action has been good one day and poor the next. Fish move around and weekend crowded beaches do not help. There is no pompano to be seen yet. 

Tautog season started up decent for some of the boats. Now there is another offshore option to target. The ribbon fish have been numerous on all trips offshore. They’re good to eat but tough to clean. They are suddenly a fun favorite for charters to catch, and are definitely a good filler for the day’s action. 

Flounder action has been better at the pier in Cape Henlopen State Park. Offshore action is picking up as well. The offshore boats are doing well on tuna and bigeye and there’s some decent mahi action too. 

Get out and fish, target everything. 

Use small rigs and baits for small fish, and big bait for big fish on another set up. It is already the middle of July, so now we are itching for the Point to open. This is the best time of year for options. If you can, fish the weekdays to avoid the crowds.

If not, try to fish where everyone else isn’t; you would be surprised. Fish avoid crowds too.

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