How the Grinch stole Leweville

August 21, 2022

Every state around Leweville liked Leweville so much

That they all purchased houses in such a big rush

All the Lew boys and girls would wake early and say,

We love the charm of our city

Let’s keep it that way!

“It’ll all be fine,” said the developer Grinches.

We can make buffers, forget flood plans, leave them inches.

We’ll promise to preserve some forest for play.

County planning and zoning commit the OK.

On every corner there were houses for sale

Soon the town of Leweville began to feel frail.

Those grinches filled wetlands and left behind pails.

While the Lews all stood speechless, biting their nails.

As the trees were all felled, one tiny voice yelled,

Little Cindy-Lou from Leweville, who was not more than 12.

“Enough of your tactics, your greed and your reasons

You Grinches make money in all of the seasons.

Please stop all this noise, this unbearable progress

Can’t Leweville run wiser and better than Congress?

She sat down that day when the bulldozer came

And every Lew down in Leweville did just the same

We love our small town, we won’t let you pillage

From every corner they came, crying, “Save our sweet village!”

Though their voices rang truer than ever before,

the Lews down Leweville keep pleading – No More!


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