Jani to speak on alternative therapies to manage pain Oct. 23

October 17, 2019

Beebe Integrative Health and Wellness will host Dr. Uday Jani for a presentation on Healing Encounters: Alternative Therapies for Pain Management from 3 to 4 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 23, at the Lewes Public Library.

Mind-body techniques will be highlighted for their therapeutic impact, along with other non-opioid solutions such as Chinese medicine, herbal supplements and the new promise of cannabidiol oils.

“The popularity of CBD oils continues to surge, as a growing body of evidence supports its potential for relieving a variety of conditions, including chronic pain. Made primarily from hemp plants, CBD oils don’t contain THC, the ingredient responsible for the intoxicating adverse effects of marijuana. However, it’s still important to proceed with caution as CBD and hemp oils are currently sold as supplements, not medications, and their safety and efficacy are not tested or regulated by the FDA. At this point, the products may not include the amount of active ingredients or live up to some of the claims listed on the label,” said Jani.

While more research is needed to better understand both potential safety issues and therapeutic benefits, Jani said, “CBD and hemp oils are a promising area for the future of pain relief and addiction management.”

Jani will also discuss other natural remedies that have proven effective for pain management, including omega-3 fatty acid supplements for decreasing joint pain caused by inflammatory bowel disease; cayenne cream, aromatic lavender essential oil and white willow bark to ease lower back pain; peppermint for alleviating intestinal gas and abdominal cramps; and Chinese herbs such as corydalis to relieve inflammation and nerve pain. Additions to the growing list of non-opioid options are laser phototherapy, found to be a valuable tool for reducing neck and back pain, preserving muscle, and decreasing inflammation, and the ancient art of acupuncture.

All options are considered at a healing encounter, which is characterized by an emotionally charged relationship with a helping person, a healing setting and an explanation for the patient’s symptoms. The physician and patient then work together to develop a continuing ritual or plan to help restore the person to a state of health.

“It’s powerful medicine,” said Jani.

Uday Jani, MD is in private practice at Shore View Personal Care in Milton, where he blends the best of traditional, integrative and functional medicine. A board-certified internist, Jani believes in treating the whole person - not just the disease - utilizing an evidence-based integrative approach. He completed a two year integrative medicine fellowship at the University of Arizona, recognized as the leading integrative medicine program in the world, followed by training at the Institute for Functional Medicine in Minneapolis, Minn.

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