Keeping fit in a pandemic

Virtual workouts are the new normal
April 21, 2020

Being forced to stay home during this pandemic is likely causing anxiety, whether over a changed schedule or complete lack of one. Exercise has been shown to promote chemical changes in the brain that improve mood and promote relaxation.  

Physical activity generally helps reduce anxiety and elevate mood, which is helpful when life is upside down. Exercise instructors are aware of the positive effects of getting the heart rate up and getting a good sweat on. Many jumped right in and created videos or started holding Facebook Live workouts. 

Using social media platforms as well as other apps, local gyms are maintaining their commitment to keeping participants fit. Many classes are offered free or with a requested  donation. 

Here is a chance to try a new workout or pick one that works with your free time – and you don't have to leave the house. 

TriCoach Body Shop Fitness

Coach Bruce Clayton welcomes all ages and fitness levels to participate in free classes. Participants are encouraged to modify the exercises to fit their ability.  Classes range in duration from 45 minutes to an hour. A dynamic warm-up and cool-down with stretching, and an activity to improve balance are included. 

Classes are conducted via Facebook Live at TriCoach. Once the class is complete, Clayton saves a copy of the video and adds it to a YouTube channel called Coach Bruce Clayton. “I’ve had as many as 50 people participate throughout the United States and some European countries. Ages range from teenagers on the Cape girls’ lacrosse team to grandmothers in their 70s,” he said.

Monday CardioCore focuses on the core, and some high-intensity exercises. Wednesday is high-intensity interval training, which focuses on strength. Saturday is BRUte Camp, a combination of both of those classes. Contact Clayton at TriCoach on Facebook, Coach Bruce Clayton on YouTube, email or call 302-396-7520. 

Elite Lifestyle Initiatives

Eli Lynn is offering free classes through Facebook, Instagram, and his app, MyPTHub. Live on Facebook at 9 a.m., Monday and Friday are full-body weight workouts, and Wednesday is a full-body workout using a hand towel as weight. They are known as full-body HIIT workouts. Modifications are provided to make it easier or harder so everyone can do the workouts.

With the app, Lynn offers specific training to people with equipment. There is no membership required to use the app; an invite is sent through email with a fee for creating a  special workout. Personal training sessions through FaceTime are available as well. Using what the client has on hand, Lynn will create a specific workout. Lynn asks that people who do the workout donate $5 or $10 through Venmo @Eli-Lynn. For more information, go to, follow @elitelifestyleinitiatives on Instagram or Facebook, or email

Midway Motion & Fitness

Rich Garrett and his team are keeping in motion with classes through Zoom and Facebook Live. 

Workouts are usually an hour. Classes are all levels with scaling offered to participants for ability level. No membership is required. Yoga, strength and HIIT classes are on Facebook while spin classes are on Zoom. Several classes daily are sure to fit in with any work-at-home schedule.  For details go to, or Midway Motion & Fitness on Facebook.

Every1 Fitness

Deciding to not just restrict them to members, Every1 Fitness is allowing the entire community to access its workouts. Management felt it was a time where everyone should be able to enjoy something like this at home and be able to exercise. Instructors are offering Facebook Live and Zoom classes. 

Instructors want to keep people fit and healthy, so membership isn’t required. “If they decide to join the gym, that’s awesome, but our ultimate goal is to create a stronger, healthier community, and to encourage people to live their best lives,” said Sherry Wyatt, fitness director. Classes are listed on the Facebook page Every1FitnessDE.


The facilities are closed, but the Y is offering live fitness training, daily challenges, activities for kids, and on-demand classes at Register for free access to online offerings. Join classes like yoga, bootcamp, and family fitness. 

CrossFit Lewes

Kris Carper posts a Workout of the Day to Facebook in the morning. Members were able to take equipment home from the box so they could follow the workouts she programs, but anyone can follow and do them with whatever equipment they have available.

“The Facebook platform keeps the motivation of members going with post communication; it keeps the encouragement and our community alive through these difficult times. It takes a village to thrive, and that is what CrossFit Lewes is all about,” Carper said. Once facilities are open again, the workouts will not be available online. Those interested in joining after doors reopen can contact Kris Carper at 302-745-1815 or


Lewes Fit Body Boot Camp is using a private Facebook page for paying members. Additional nutrition and mind-set videos are available, and owner Matt Fritzeen is conducting Zoom calls for fitness and nutrition tracking. “We had to do a complete pivot to help people keep reaching their workout goals,” Fritzeen said. Go to or find fit body boot camp Lewes on Facebook.


Rise Fitness in Rehoboth is offering virtual classes using Zoom that members can access through the member portal. Go to or Train at Rise on Facebook.

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