La Esperanza honors Carmelite Sisters

August 25, 2017

La Esperanza hosted a celebration Aug. 19 at Delaware Technical Community College honoring the Carmelite Sisters of Charity for their 20 years of service to the Latino community. The three Catholic nuns are retiring, but their legacy will continue through the recently launched Sisters' Fund. 

La Esperanza, located on Race Street in Georgetown, was born out of the compassion of Sister Ascensión Banegas, Sister Rosa Álvarez, and Sister María Mairlot, who came to Georgetown in the 1990s to help immigrants who were arriving in Delaware to work in the poultry plants.

The nuns, originally from Spain, witnessed the difficulties of immigrants in a new land, and offered them hope and inspiration. They began helping new arrivals find affordable housing, connecting pregnant women with prenatal care services, and intervening on behalf of domestic abuse victims.

With the help of many sponsors and individuals in the community, La Esperanza has helped tens of thousands of people in a myriad of ways. The nuns also helped establish the Primeros Pasos childcare center, La Casita, La Red Health Center and El Centro Cultural.

One of the sisters' primary goals has always been to help immigrants assimilate into the community so it and they may be strengthened and enriched.