La Red Health Center logo reflects commitment to community

March 12, 2024

Since 2001, La Red Health Center has been providing quality healthcare for individuals and families in Sussex County.

In the beginning, La Red, which means “the network” in Spanish, focused on helping members of the area’s growing Spanish-speaking community who found it difficult, if not impossible, to access care locally and connect with healthcare providers. Over its 23-year history, La Red Health Center has grown exponentially. It now has three different medical offices across the county in Georgetown, Seaford and Milford, and provides care for almost 14,000 patients.

In addition to clients from the  Latino community, La Red now serves a growing number of Haitian-Creole individuals. A representation of all Sussex County individuals’ races and ethnicities can be seen in La Red waiting rooms, with a focus on clients who are uninsured or underinsured.

Over the years, the services La Red offers to Sussex County residents also have evolved. La Red now offers comprehensive services including dental; primary care; women’s healthcare; prenatal care; HIV/STI testing; behavioral health, including mental health therapy, medication management, and medications for substance use disorder; referrals for cancer screenings; and a discount pharmacy program.

Because of the evolution of La Red and Sussex County, the former logo symbolizing the community holding up a globe no longer seemed to represent the organization, and in 2023, La Red’s leadership and board members decided it was time for a change. The organization set out to develop a new logo that better reflects La Red as the organization it has become.

The team at La Red engaged a group of people to workshop a logo that better depicts La Red as an organization with a legacy, commitment and passion for serving Sussex County’s under-resourced communities.

The new logo features a tree with a heart at its core, symbolizing love and compassion. Its trunk is formed by hands, portraying strength and support as they lift the canopy upward. Firmly rooted in the ground, the logo embodies resilience and stability, and the tagline, Rooted in Community, reinforces that. The colors incorporated in the new logo include navy blue and sea green with the burgundy from the original logo to honor La Red’s origins. The navy blue and sea green represent the ocean and bays that pervade Sussex County.

“La Red’s new logo is a better representation of who we are as an organization,” said Brian Olson, La Red chief executive officer. “La Red is here to serve all members of our community. Our new logo does a much better job of illustrating that.”

Patients and the public will begin to see the new La Red Health Center logo on signage, letterhead, marketing materials and certain vehicles.

La Red plans to hold a tree-planting ceremony in April during Earth Month to celebrate the new logo literally by planting new roots, supporting environmental justice and taking just one step of many to honor the county agencies that pulled together to form the organization so many years ago.

“We love our new logo,” said Rachel Hersh, La Red deputy director. “It embodies our past, our present and our future growth in the communities that we serve. We hope our patients and partners agree that we are indeed rooted in the community and invested in their health.”

A federally qualified health center in Sussex County, La Red is committed to ensuring the highest level of care for all individuals and families. It offers primary healthcare, pediatrics, women’s health services and behavioral health services at all three of its locations. La Red also offers dental services at its Milford and Georgetown locations.

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