Local beach mystery ‘Rivers of Belief’ released in new edition

March 12, 2023

A former Maryland state trooper and Ocean City resident shares his sometimes mystic, always adventurous journey to awareness in “Rivers of Belief.”

Hellgate Press has just released the expanded second edition of Richard Craig Anderson’s thrilling mystery set in Ocean City, Md., and Rehoboth Beach.

Once a gem among East Coast resorts, Ocean City is a place of old values and older sins. In 1994, a predator moves at will through a town overflowing with tourists, and it appears that he’s a cop – or is he?

The story will stir readers’ minds as two cops and the woman they both love pursue a serial rapist running rampant through Ocean City. “Rivers of Belief” reveals elements of depravity and decadence filtered between moderating themes of sexuality, sensuality and spirituality. The three main characters are charismatic and daring. Their loyalty to each other and to a heroic gay character is as unconditional as it is limitless.

Officer Michael Brennan is a compassionate ladies’ man. He takes a personal interest in the vicious but seemingly unrelated attacks because he is a pro, and because he’s known abuse. Two others are drawn into the hunt: Michael’s courageous friend Officer Levi Hart, and Natasha, a brilliant waitress who dances to a logical beat. Levi knows one of the victims but is reluctant to say why, and Natasha knows she’s next on the rapist’s list. Together, they trace the clues.

As Michael closes in, he discovers that he’s become a suspect, and when a jealous co-worker threatens to derail the investigation, he realizes his crusade for justice may cost him his soul, Levi his honor, and Natasha her life. When Michael finally confronts the rapist, he turns out to be someone who was there all along, but nobody noticed.

“Rivers of Belief” can be found at Browseabout Books in Rehoboth Beach and wherever books are sold online. 

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