Milton Little League denied waiver request

Nonprofit must pay bill related to irrigation system
February 12, 2019

Milton Town Council unanimously, but reluctantly, denied a request by Milton Little League for a waiver from paying water fees.

Krystle Vogel, treasurer of Milton Little League, said in October the league received a water bill for the first time in 50 years of operation. She said the league did not know when a water meter was installed, and questioned the league now being charged a fee. Vogel said the Little League board collectively decided to ask for the waiver. She said there was no communication from the town on the water meter being installed and the board was surprised to get a bill.

Town Manager Kristy Rogers said the meter was installed in response to a water leak, and that the Milton VFW had been providing water to the league and paying the bill.

Public Works Supervisor Greg Wingo said the town found a water line going back to the Little League fields, and found that it was supplying the league water for irrigation. He said the VFW has a line that was feeding the concession stand. Wingo said he had discussed the matter with a representative of the league, but Vogel said that person is no longer with the league and should not have been making that decision.

Rogers said no other entity in town has a waiver from water bills.

Mayor Ted Kanakos said the town has 19 nonprofit organizations, including the Little League, and the others all pay water bills. He said it was only fair that all of them are on equal footing. Councilman Charlie Fleetwood said the league’s bill was for $600. Kanakos said if the town were to exclude the Little League, all the other nonprofits would line up looking for a waiver.

Vogel said she understood the council’s decision.

“I think we should be uniform,” said Councilman Sam Garde. “It tugs on my heartstrings personally because we want to do everything we can to support the kids and support all the nonprofits. But I do think we should treat them all uniformly.”