Milton should consider rainfall collection

February 14, 2020

I read with interest two recent articles that noted the Town of Milton’s refusal to allow private wells in a couple of anticipated construction projects.

Tidewater Utilities wants to sink a well for its new wastewater treatment facility on Sam Lucas Road, and Milton Attainable Housing LLC seeks an irrigation well for its proposed mixed-used development on Route 16.

Both claimed that connecting to and using Milton’s public water service would be prohibitively expensive, and that their projects would suffer mightily without the requested wells.

I am surprised the aggrieved parties have not considered rainwater collection as a cost-effective alternative. Collection systems are low-tech, are modestly priced, and would likely be well suited to both applications. A half-inch of rain, for example, falling on a 1,000-square-foot roof structure would yield about 300 gallons of water. Surely, Milton’s 45 inches of annual rainfall would provide enough water to meet the needs of both projects.

Tidewater and Milton Attainable Housing should be encouraged to consider the rainwater collection option. It would be an earth-friendly, budget-friendly solution very much in keeping with Milton’s aspirations as a “sustainable community.”

Jack Moore


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