Mural grabs attention along Lewes-to-Georgetown Trail

Philadelphia-based artist completes energetic artwork in Lewes
September 8, 2020

Philadelphia-based artist Kyle Confehr worked through Labor Day weekend to complete Lewes’ latest public art project. 

Best seen from the Lewes-to-Georgetown Trail, the energetic black-and-white piece pops off the back wall of the Lewes Board of Public Works’ former power plant building on Schley Avenue. 

Cliff Diver, chair of the Lewes Public Art Committee, said the mural had to be strong enough to grab passersby, but it also had to be something that could be taken in quickly because people are likely riding a bicycle, or walking or running down the trail. The audience was also important, he said, as the most likely people to encounter the mural are younger and more active.

Local artist Heidi Lowe took Confehr on a tour of the Lewes area before he started the project. Confehr then incorporated Lewes images and icons into his design. He works primarily with acrylic markers and spray paint, so the project was completed quickly. 

The mural will be up for at least 18 months, Diver said. 

The Lewes Public Art Committee held an open call for design proposals. After receiving several proposals, the committee solicited public input to help narrow the pool. The group then ranked finalists and made an offer to the winning artist. 

The project’s budget was $5,000, including the artist fee, supplies, travel expenses, maintenance requirements for 18 months and other associated costs.

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