Sculpture to be removed from Lewes park this spring

Other art projects discussed ahead of budget presentation
February 14, 2024

The Lewes Public Art Committee unanimously voted to have artist DeWitt Godfrey remove the “Paviljoen” sculpture from Canalfront Park.

At its meeting Jan. 2, the committee discussed the possibility of buying it and moving it elsewhere in the city. Ultimately, committee members decided it would be too expensive, take too much time and could take money away from other art projects.

“If we come up with a ton of money, magically, then we can discuss moving it. Until then, I think it’s over,” said committee member Steve Walker.

“Paviljoen,” which is Dutch for pavilion, was installed in July, two months later than expected because the original cement base cracked and had to be replaced. It was intended to be temporary and on display for six months.

Janet Reeves, parks and marina manager and acting assistant city manager, said the city has informed the committee that Canalfront Park can no longer be used for public art installations because it is a stormwater biofiltration area.

She said once the sculpture and base are removed, the area will be restored.

Committee Chair Heidi Lowe said she has heard from an anonymous donor who might contribute to keep the piece in Lewes, but not if it is moved from the park.

“We need a big chunk of cash to able to do this, and I don’t know that we’re at that point,” Lowe said. 

At the committee’s Jan. 24 meeting, Lowe said spring break is the likely timeframe for when the sculpture will be removed. 


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