Officials respond to antisemitic flyers in Rehoboth

More than 300 residents wake up Sunday morning with baggies of hate in yards; police asking for help
September 19, 2022

Story Location:
Rehoboth Beach Police Department
229 Rehoboth Avenue
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
United States

Less than two weeks before the Jewish New Year, flyers with antisemitic and political messaging were thrown into the yards of hundreds of Rehoboth Beach homes overnight Sept. 17.

Lynne Coan, city spokesperson, said the flyers, which came in corn-filled ziplock bags, were left in more than 300 yards in the greater Rehoboth Beach area. Many residents have expressed dismay, disappointment and concern about the flyers, she said.

“The apparent intent of the flyers is to spread the divisiveness, dehumanizing fear and cultural mistrust that currently permeates in our nation,” said Coan, in a statement Sept. 19. “This all runs counter to the warm, accepting and collaborative community that is Rehoboth Beach.”

Photos of the flyers were provided to the Cape Gazette. The messaging says “every single aspect of” gun control, mass migration, pornography and abortion is Jewish. There are QR codes and a website to go to on the bottom of each flyer.

In a statement Sept. 18, Rabbi Sholom Vogel of Chabad of Southern Delaware said community members are disturbed by the antisemitic display, but Vogel vows that the community will not be cowed.

“This is not a reflection of the community that I and my family have come to call home and serve,” said Vogel, adding the Rehoboth Beach Police Department has been contacted and are assured it is giving the situation its utmost attention. “We call on all members of the community to add in acts of goodness and kindness to one another with love and respect for all.”

When there are actions of hate and darkness, they need to counter and respond with love and light, said Vogel.

“Chabad will be distributing the traditional honey cakes to households in Rehoboth Beach, symbolizing our wishes for a sweet new year, one unmarred by hate and division,” Vogel said.

Susan Towers, spokesperson for Seaside Jewish Community, said the organization is aware of the flyers and following the direction of local, state and national authorities.

Towers cautioned to not use the QR found at the bottom of the flyers. The code and website included on the flyers allows the perpetrators to capture personal information; Seaside has been instructed to advise people not to click on any of those links.

Coan said the police department, along with other law enforcement agencies, is investigating distribution of these flyers and working with the state Attorney General’s Office to determine if any crime has been committed.

Residents with video doorbells are asked to check if they have any footage of these flyers being delivered or of suspicious vehicles late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, said Coan. If yes, she said, contact the police department at 302-227-2577.


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