Proposed Beach Walk is seriously flawed

August 18, 2016

The site review that began for Bay Mart LLC (Beach Walk) Aug. 12 is critical to maintain not only the character of Rehoboth Beach but also the financial stability of the city. The proposed development is seriously flawed as it pertains to public safety, water, sewer and access. The planned development does not have adequate water or sewer access.

If the city is not careful, it could be financially responsible for large, expensive sewer and water upgrades after the developer leaves.

Somehow the developer has already obtained a variance that allows the development not to comply with current sediment and stormwater regulations. This could lead to major pollution of Silver Lake. In the decision it was noted that "requiring this project to be redesigned to comply with the revised regulations would result in additional fees, as well as delay the project, all viewed as a hardship by the owner."

What is more important, clean water or satisfying a wealthy developer?

We were happy to read that Chairman Mellen noted that whatever the planning commission does, it will protect health, safety and welfare of the public. For Chairman Mellen and the members of the planning commission, this enormous project will no doubt be their legacy in Rehoboth Beach government.

Linda and Tom Delany
Rehoboth Beach

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