Reaching the top of Mt. Vogel by cable car to view the Julian Alps with the Cape Gazette

February 1, 2020

A recent trip to Slovenia and Croatia took Rehoboth Beach residents Carol Hall and Eileen Nixon from Venice to the picturesque city of Opatija on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.

They toured and learned the history of the Istrian Peninsula. The scenic coastline took them to Split and Zadar, ancient seaside cities.

Dubrovnik, where Game of Thrones was filmed, was a favorite.  They climbed the 800 year-old walls for a better view and enjoyed the open market in the old city.

In Slovenia they had lunch at an authentic farm and dined at a homestead where the family dates back to 1530, growing their own food and making their own wine.

They both loved the city of Ljubljana where they strolled the canal purchasing the famous bee pollen and honey.

The last days were spent relaxing in Bled on stunning Lake Bohinj with perfect weather.

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