Rehoboth Elementary student group recycles paper for school

RES Green Team recognized by Grotto’s, Shell We Bounce
January 15, 2019

When it comes to saving the environment, fifth-graders in Rehoboth Elementary’s Green Team will skip recess to do their part.

Student Katherine Rossi said she eagerly applied to join the PTO-sponsored team.

“I see pictures of trash in the ocean and animals dying,” she said. “I love animals and want people to recycle.”

Friend Shea Danahy agreed, “A lot of animals are dying because of trash.”

Every Friday afternoon, Katherine, Shea and the rest of the 13-student team skip recess to collect recyclable paper from each classroom and dump it into large receptacles for a company to shred.

Green Team Chair and PTO member Aimee Isaac said students may miss recess, but they get lots of exercise running to and from classrooms. PTO volunteer Marty Godwin said the team splits in two groups to collect paper from both buildings in 25 minutes.

“They have such energy and excitement for doing this,” Godwin said. “These kids are amazing. They’re on autopilot; they can run the program themselves.”

Students retrieve small blue cans filled with paper to dump into a large receptacle. Once they dump paper into the bin, they hustle to return the can and move on to the next room.

Along with helping the environment, students wanted to serve their school.

“I joined to give janitors some free time,” said Lanay Callaway.

“I wanted to help the school be cleaner because I love it,” said Roxanna Dalton.

Members of the Green Team were rewarded Jan. 4, when each student was presented with a gift card for a large pizza from Grotto’s and a gift card from Shell We Bounce.

School board member Julie Derrick told students she was proud of them.

“You are helping to take care of your environment and your school,” Derrick said.

The RES Green Team comprises Katherine Rossi, Shea Danahy, Lanay Callaway, Roxanna Dalton, Ryder VanHorn, Rowan Farrell, Alissa Kirby, Addison Berneman, Aaron “T-cubed” Tikiob, Kady Cunninghamm, Victoria Evans, Quinn Solloway and Amalia Fructman.