Rehoboth hosts USLA Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship

Local patrols compete against teams from New York to Virginia
July 12, 2023

While some of Rehoboth Beach was closed July 12, there was no need to fear swimming on the parts that were open surrounding the closed portion. That’s because there were hundreds of lifeguards within the closed portion running, swimming, and jumping around.

The 2023 USLA Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship was held July 12 in front of the Rehoboth Beach Patrol Headquarters on Baltimore Avenue. Teams from as far north as New York and as far south as Virginia ascended on the nation’s summer capital to compete against one another in a series of competitions aimed at exhibiting the life-saving skills of the guards.

The host was joined by the likes Dewey Beach, Delaware Seashore State Park, North Shores, Sussex Shores, Sea Colony, Bethany Beach, North Bethany, and Middlesex beach patrols in representing The First State.

Rehoboth Beach Patrol did very well in the running events, placing highly in both the men's and women’s divisions for the 90-meter sprint, 2-kilometer beach run, beach relays, and flag races. Standouts included Meredith Lockwood, Sophia Gulotti, Jodi Johnson and Konner Knarr.

Delaware Seashore Beach Patrol showcased their acumen in the water as Josh Mcintire took second in the men’s swimming event and the board rescue team that Coleman Woodard joined Mcintire in. DSBP also managed to do really well in the body rescue as the team of Sean Carson, Noah Tuey, Duncan Prozmire, and Ethan McInotsh stuck together during a difficult event.

As exciting as the flag races were, they are the musical chairs of sprinting, the landline rescue offered some intense action. Working in teams of four and simulating something similar to a riptide a guard swims out to be a victim. The rescuing guard must take a water swim buoy connected to a line out to the victim. Once attached two rescuers on the beach must pull the line in through a series of sprints in rapid succession. While it may look innocent on the surface, land rescuers must be strong, fast, and possess a tremendous amount of stamina. Essentially they are sprinting 10 yards every few seconds with a weighted line they must pull in over their shoulders.

The results of the competition will be in a separate post when they are received. More information about the competition can be found at

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