Rehoboth to implement security fund for alderman court

Code update to match state’s wording related to driving without insurance also likely
February 10, 2024

Story Location:
Rehoboth Beach City Hall
229 Rehoboth Avenue
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
United States

In an effort to increase security for its alderman court, Rehoboth Beach commissioners are considering the implementation of a court security fund that would add $10 to all criminal and traffic tickets.

Alderman Court 37 Judge Renee L. Bennett made the recommendation during a Feb. 5 commissioner workshop. She said the city is allowed to implement the fine under a state law that was created in 2007, and Rehoboth is the only municipality in the state with an alderman court that doesn’t include the additional fine.

Bennett, who was first appointed as Rehoboth alderman in June 2013, said the money can be used for things like better computers, equipment, training and security. Right now, she said, the court has a panic button, but that’s it.

In addition to the security fund, Bennett also recommended city code be updated to reflect state code when it comes to driving without vehicle insurance. City code includes the fine amount, but not the state’s additional penalty that a driver’s license can be suspended, she said.

State code calls for a license suspension of six months, said Bennett. The city doesn’t have the jurisdiction of enforcement, but if it’s a penalty that’s going to happen, the wording should be included.

Following her presentation, Bennett said she didn’t have an estimate for how much the fund would generate annually.

Commissioners reached a favorable consensus on the recommendations and are expected to vote on both during their meeting Friday, Feb. 16.


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