The Rev. George Edwards celebrates his 30th Pastoral Anniversary

April 22, 2018

The Rev. George Edwards Sr., of Friendship Baptist Church in Lewes, celebrated his 30th Pastoral Anniversary April 7 at Kings Creek Country Club in Rehoboth. The room was full of church members and over 20 clergy from throughout Delaware.

Remarks were given by community members and clergy, along with comedy by MC Regina Scott.

Edwards is very active in the community, a member of the Cape School District Disciplinary Committee, and moderator with the Union Association of General Baptists  He was also one of the founders of Friendship Baptist Church 61 years ago, and was one of the church’s first deacons. 

The Rev. Mark Harris of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Lewes said in his address about Rev. Edwards and Friendship Baptist Church, “That, if we are not careful, we begin to lose all the stuff that we remember that holds together our community, and that is not a good thing. So the question is, how do we keep that going, alive and well? The answer turns out to be pastors like Rev. Edwards.”

The Rev. Edwards and First Lady Ardeth Edwards spoke at the end of the program. First Lady Edwards said of Rev. Edwards, “He is a meek and humble man. I call him my Job. I am proud of him.” Rev. Edwards also spoke and said to the gathered crowd and his wife, “My life would not be what it is without you.”