RSC Landscaping wins top award from state industry association

January 24, 2022

RSC Landscaping was the winner of the the Large Residential Landscape Top Award for 2021 from the Delaware Nursery and Landscaping Association.

The annual awards recognize top-performing Delaware businesses in the nursery and landscaping industry across several categories.

The project designer, Mark Voelkel, APLD, has worked at RSC Landscaping for more than five years and has been in the Industry for a total of 36 years. The original site was described by its owners as a forest. After selective clearing, Voelkel worked with his clients to develop a new vision for this Rehoboth Beach Yacht and Country Club location.

From Voelkel’s perspective, the wide range of creative opportunities proved invaluable to project’s outcome. The transformation of the landscape started with extensive grading to augment the existing topography. From there, companion groupings of plants, and hardscaping with boulders and stone produced stunning vignettes ranging from a woodland setting to a sunny slope with a stacked stone wall.

Also central to the project’s success was the excellent support of Voelkel’s RSC crew, whose skills include landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation, drainage and lighting.

RSC Landscaping is located at 30366 Cordrey Road, Millsboro.

To learn more, call 302-945-5853 or go to

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