Run for Recovery and Revelation and beer

May 9, 2017

Run for Recovery and Revelation and beer - Two races over two days, I am there taking a couple thousand photos. Our community is hip to humorous contrasts, but all are focused on the mission of people helping other people. Sussex County is in dire need of addiction services and awareness, not just for a day but ongoing every day. Sending thoughts and prayers is nice, but sending yourself is even better. I really don’t get into “part of the proceeds” reporting - I know my part of the proceeds is zero - it’s how I like it keeps all expectations out of my neighborhood. I do like seeing non-drinkers, like runner Chris Stanley, awarded with an empty growler for winning, which he can fill up wherever and whenever he likes, which is never, but growlers are cool, like a Yeti cooler, which I don’t need, so how come I want one? 

Jumping into the gene pool - Whether it’s Catholic or charter, maybe private or public, not to mention the home school network, there are choices to make. You can bet your dragon boat fleet on that, and no one much cares, until choices turn to competitions where schools compete against each other for cash and prizes, not to mention state championships in sports or Blue Ribbon status - it just basically never stops. Speaking of sports, every school has an advantage of its own gene pool or reservoir of talent. I know the Cape girls in lacrosse and hockey enjoy deep numbers of athletes committed to those sports who come up through in-place feeder programs. The private schools allegedly have a recruiting advantage, but they also have tuition. And you can’t go wrong attending Ursuline, Padua, Archmere or Sanford. The big knock is always leveled against Salesianum, which doesn’t have to recruit, as parents know exactly where the school is and what it offers in terms of athletics and academics. I’m all for everyone playing everyone else in pursuit of a championship. Each system enjoys its own advantages. 

Blue chair - I and my blue chair were at Villanova May 4 for the semifinals of the Big East lacrosse tournament. Temple lost to Florida 21-9 in Game 1. But there were blue chairs everywhere, the same exact chair, so when I got out of my 4Runner and pulled my chair out of the back, I announced to all the nearby security people, “This is my blue chair, so don’t be telling me I can’t take it home.” Wanda, my friend after I took her photo and gave her a card, said, “You know, Mr. Dave, nobody cares about your dumb old blue chair.” 

Go for a bagel - Means when a batter goes hitless at the plate, but when I saw coach Dave Vitella talking with pitcher David Erickson, who had just pitched a shutout, I thought he threw a bagel, which I did once into the bay for Jessie dog, who fetched it and ate it underwater. By the way, the Bagel Bombers baseball team is a total contradiction of baseball terminology. Can of corn, infield fly, runners advance at their own risk. Just don’t get me started.

Posers - University of Virginia football coaches were reprimanded by the NCAA for posing with prospects for photos and later evaluating the photos to see if said prospects were as big as they claimed to be. That is how far we have sunk in this entire process. Ohio State won the NCAA men’s volleyball championship for the second straight year. The Southern Cal women won their second consecutive beach volleyball national championship.

Snippets - Looks like a season-ending game between Mariner and Beacon boys’ lacrosse teams is in the works. There is depth of talent and some special talent when you bring both squads together. Makes me think, should an eighth-grader be asked where they would like to go to high school or be told? I’ve seen it work both ways, and I have no opinion or advice on the topic; well, maybe an opinion. Go on now, git!