Sargent endorses Mills, Gossett, Lagree

July 30, 2020

Three years ago, Paul Kuhns was elected mayor of Rehoboth Beach with a promise of open government and fiscal responsibility. Unfortunately, his first term has included very little of either.

Time after time, Paul has tried to do the business of the City of Rehoboth Beach behind closed doors. I would understand if a new commissioner technically violated the rules by emailing a couple of commissioners or having a conversation about city issues at a public event, but Paul actually created a committee to advise the commissioners and instructed them to meet in private, in direct violation of Delaware’s Freedom of Information Act. After serving several years as a commissioner before becoming mayor, he either did not know the law or did not care. Either should be disqualifying. How can you represent the people of Rehoboth Beach if your first instinct is to hide information from us?

Before he was elected commissioner, Stan Mills was an active citizen participant in the city. He knows as well as anyone the importance of keeping the people of Rehoboth informed and ensuring the free flow of information. Stan has always stressed that the citizens of Rehoboth are its greatest asset and an incredibly effective partner in governing Rehoboth - if we are informed and included.

Amazingly, in a misguided demonstration of fiscal naivete, Paul tried to give away the city’s wastewater treatment plant. As mayor, how can someone even consider giving away tens of millions of dollars of city assets? 

Stan, Patrick Gossett and Jay Lagree have been working on our behalf for years to ensure that Rehoboth’s finances are well managed. Their understanding of how the city works and how to get the most bang for our buck is unparalleled. I agree with the Cape Gazette that Rehoboth needs more openness and stability. Please join me in voting for Stan Mills for mayor, and Patrick Gossett and Jay Lagree for commissioners.

Richard Sargent
former commissioner
City of Rehoboth Beach
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