Simpler​ to run ​for​ re-election​ ​as​ state​ ​treasurer

First elected in 2014, Rehoboth native calls for financial reform
November 2, 2017

Republican Ken Simpler announced Nov. 2 that he will seek re-election as Delaware’s state treasurer. He was first elected in 2014.

“We have come a long way in my time at the Office of the State Treasurer,” said Simpler, during an event in Wilmington. “We've gotten out of the trap of day-to-day trouble-shooting and focused instead on large-scale, long-term problem solving. From the redesign of the $1 billion supplemental savings program for state employees and teachers to the re-architecting of the state's $1.6 billion investment portfolio, our efforts are producing better outcomes at lower cost over the long haul. That's good finance."

Simpler, a Rehoboth native who now lives in Newark, said Delaware can be the best state in the nation in managing finances and creating value.

“The pieces are in place for a powerful series of reforms that would put Delaware on a sound fiscal footing for the next generation and create incentives for us to measure performance and continuously get better,” he said. “I will be advocating strongly for those reforms.”