Starboard and Bethany Blues keep morale high

May 13, 2020

No local restaurant teams imagined they would begin the 2020 season with social distancing restrictions.

Even so, The Starboard restaurant and Bethany Blues are aiming to keep restaurant and community morale high through their virtual platforms. The two restaurants, famous for their jovial vibes, are doing their very best to spread good feelings.

“We want to encourage everyone to stay safe,” said Steve “Monty” Montgomery, owner of The Starboard. “While they do, we want to feed everyone great food, as well as provide fun, behind-the-scenes looks at our staff, and virtual Starboard happy hours and music at Blues.”

Seeing beloved staff members from both restaurants is helping boost morale and remind the community that things will reopen. Montgomery and his crew want people to keep in mind they are still here and continuing to have fun. While no one can predict the with certainty how long this might go on, there will be an endpoint, and people have to keep smiling and laughing wherever they can.

Montgomery is looking forward to reopening the moment it is allowed, and hoping that, for the sake of the industry, it will be sooner rather than later. Montgomery said, “When reopening is phased in, we stand ready to open with safe practices being used. Our employees are all trained and ready to help kick-start the recovery process of our community.”

The teams at The Starboard, Bethany Blues of Bethany Beach and Bethany Blues of Lewes also thank everyone who has ordered their takeout or used the delivery services. “It’s really awesome seeing people post on social media with their crushes, nachos, barbecue and/or watching our different events,” said Montgomery. “We will keep it up as long as this goes on.”


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