State looking to clean up sand-covered ramps in state parks

Tower Road, Fenwick Island accessibility limited because of beach buildup
August 9, 2022

Story Location:
Tower Road Beach
Delaware Seashore State Park
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
United States

Looking to address beach accessibility issues, the state’s Division of Parks and Recreation has submitted an application to excavate sand from around dune crossovers and decks at the bathhouses of Tower Road in Delaware Seashore State Park and Fenwick Island State Park.

According to a July 24 public notice, the state has submitted an application to excavate a 20-foot-wide area on each side of the dune crossover to 3 feet below the elevation of the deck at both bathhouses.

According to the submitted application, beach grass will be installed within the excavated area and all barren dunes immediately adjacent to the overwalk. The excavated sand would be placed on the beach berm, says the application.

Florida-based Aptim Coastal Planning and Engineering conducted a site visit of the dune areas around the two bathhouses in February.

In a report issued in May, Aptim said the state has reported accumulation of blowing beach sand within the parking lots and on the handicap-accessible ramps at both locations.

“The consequence of this sand accumulation is loss of beach access for visitors and revenue for the park,” said the report. “Additionally, blowing sand is depositing within the dune overwalk structure resulting in the loss of the sole ADA access path.”

The application may be inspected at the offices of the Division of Watershed Stewardship, 285 Beiser Blvd., Suite 102, Dover. Comments concerning this application should be made in writing to the division within 15 days from the date of the notice, which is Monday, Aug. 8.

For more information, contact the division’s Jennifer Luoma Pongratz at 302-739-9921 or


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