State-record blue catfish caught in Nanticoke

September 26, 2023

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Division of Fish and Wildlife has confirmed a new state-record blue catfish, the fourth state record of the year for the 2023 Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament. The 42.5-inch, 48-pound-7.2-ounce blue catfish was caught on cut bait earlier this month by Chris Andrews of Bridgeville. Andrews was fishing in the Nanticoke River on his personal boat at night with friends who helped him land his massive catch.

“Fishing is a big part of my life. I go out about three times a week, so I guess you’d say I’m an avid fisherman,” said Andrews. “I knew it was a big one, just not how big. I got the fish up and close to the boat multiple times, but it would just take off pulling my drag. I had a smaller net than usual, so it took multiple tries [to get it into the boat]. After about a five-minute fight, the fish was landed.”

The record catch was weighed at Taylored Tackle Shop in Seaford and certified by Sgt. Nathan Evans of Delaware Natural Resources Fish and Wildlife Police. Andrews’ blue catfish eclipsed the previous state record by just 4 ounces set in 2022 by James Lord.


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