Sussex Realtors association marks 75 years of service

June 19, 2024

The Sussex County Association of Realtors marks its 75th anniversary this year, celebrating decades of service to the region and the broader real estate community.

As part of its ongoing initiatives, SCAOR is embracing National Homeownership Month in June by producing two public service announcement videos that address the critical need for affordable housing in local communities. Specifically aimed at those requiring workforce housing and the professionals working to provide it, the videos offer a wealth of resources and advice on affordable/workforce housing, complemented by a comprehensive list of resources available on the newly launched AHR page at

“Our affordable housing presidential advisory group is seeking stakeholders to further the conversations around affordable housing,” said Stephanie Moody, SCAOR association executive. “We believe that by bringing together key players from various sectors, we can develop innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for affordable housing in our community.”

SCAOR also introduced the innovative National Association of Realtors Spire mentorship program, designed to support new members with less than two years of experience in real estate, as well as graduating high school seniors considering a career in this multifaceted industry. This program aims to provide mentorship and guidance, helping to nurture the next generation of real estate professionals.

To celebrate the 75th year, nearly 150 members gathered May 30 with a festive Hawaiian luau at Delaware Technical Community College. Attendees enjoyed live music, delicious food and beverages, and a demonstration of authentic Polynesian dancing.

Among the attendees were 15 past SCAOR presidents, who were recognized for their contributions and presented with enamel past president pins, each adorned with a unique, specially designed 75th anniversary logo. Officials in attendance included Sen. Russ Huxtable, D-Lewes, and Rep. Valerie Jones Giltner, R-Georgetown, who presented tributes from both the Delaware Senate and House of Representatives.

SCAOR also received special recognition from the Delaware Association of Realtors, honoring its significant milestone and long-standing service to the community.

SCAOR continues to provide invaluable resources to its members and the public, advocating for and protecting the rights of property buyers and sellers both in the U.S. and globally. The association's membership includes a diverse group of residential and commercial brokers, salespeople, property managers, appraisers, counselors and other real estate professionals dedicated to the industry.


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