Sussex Tech students earn professional certifications

April 14, 2019

More than 55 Sussex Technical High School criminal justice and legal support services students were recently honored for earning professional-level certifications in their fields.

The certifications give the students a boost in their careers and allow them to get jobs directly out of high school, or prepare them for future education or training in their chosen fields.

Seniors completed a 40-hour training course and certification to become public safety telecommunicators, or call-takers and dispatchers who work in 911 centers. The certification, from the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International, covers the basic skills, knowledge and abilities that every public safety telecommunicator needs in this critical field.

Juniors completed a 135-hour, one-semester course and certification to become paralegals. The Paralegal Professional Certificate issued by Sussex Tech helps students and entry-level professionals get a foot in the door of the legal profession, and is used as an exit exam for the school’s legal services program, demonstrating commitment and aptitude for success in the legal workplace.