Tiny home owner has big plans

A growing demand for smaller houses is sweeping the nation
March 26, 2021

Ashley DiMichele never thought she would be the owner of a tiny home. Once she learned what they were, she was hooked, and it wasn't long before one was set up on the property she and her husband Patrick own along Cave Neck Road near Milton.

She lists the 210-square-foot tiny home, known as the traditional Rumspringa model, as a rental on Airbnb. The home was built by Liberation Tiny Homes in the Lancaster, Pa. area.

“One day the idea came to me and boom, I decided this is what I needed to do,” she said. “There is nothing like this in the area. I'm so glad I did this.”

DiMichele is ahead of the growing demand for tiny homes; she is one of the few people – if not the only one – in the state renting out a tiny home.

She plans to rent the tiny home from March through August. So far, she said, every weekend is booked in March, which includes two full-week stays.

The home, which resembles a small RV, has a loft bedroom, kitchen with appliances, dining and sitting area, and bathroom with shower. It’s winterized with heating and has air conditioning.

“The first thing people say is that it's so cute and it's way bigger than it seems,” DiMichele said.

Because it's built on a frame with wheels, the house can be transported.

DiMichele, who works at The Station on Kings in Lewes, said the tiny home was delivered, and utility and water hookups were made last February, just a few weeks before the COVID-19 state of emergency went into effect. She waited until June to list it for rent, and it has become a popular rental.

DiMichele would like to provide more rental tiny homes in the area, and her long-range goal is to establish a small-events venue built around tiny homes.

Liberation offers a wide variety of homes ranging in price from $48,000 to $109,000. The demand for tiny homes is great, with Liberation taking orders now for construction in spring 2022. Construction takes from 12 to 16 weeks.

Wondering what Rumspringa means? In the Amish community, Rumspringa is a time when youth ages 14-16 are given a chance to decide whether they want to be baptized to join the Amish church or leave the community. About 90 percent are baptized.


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