Town committees established in Dewey Beach

Groups to consider climate change and sea level, new town hall and police station proposed
October 22, 2021

After a very short discussion in which two additional groups were suggested, Dewey Beach commissioners unanimously approved town committee chairs, members and liaisons Oct. 15.

Julie Johnson will reprise her role as audit committee chair; committee members include Donna Alexander, Debbie Knight and Bernie Kraus with Commissioner Gary Persinger as liaison.

Chong Yi will replace Dave Davis as budget and finance committee chair. Members include John Gephart, Jill Compello, James Przygocki, Lynn Winkler, Phil Winkler, Stacy Hannah, Joe Kienle as a non-voting member, and Mayor Bill Stevens as liaison.

Persinger, charter and ad hoc committee liaison, noted that committee chair position is still vacant but should be filled soon. Members include Julie Johnson, Marcia Schieck, Jimmy O’Conor, Elaine Bole and Assistant Town Manager Jim Dedes as an ad hoc member.

Dave Davis will chair the comprehensive development plan committee with members Jimmy O’Conor, Julie Johnson, Phil Winkler and Persinger as commissioner liaison. Persinger suggested the town form a new committee to focus on climate change and sea level rise.

“It’s really a strategy for resiliency,” Persinger said, also noting the town marketing department could assist with identifying potential strategic partnerships to attract new businesses to town. Commissioner Paul Bauer, liaison to the marketing committee, agreed.

Jim Tyler will continue in his role as infrastructure chair with members Marlene Tarr, Drew Martin, Dale Cooke, Jack Redefer and commissioner liaison David Jasinski.

Brian Privor will once again chair the investment committee with members Jimmie Lee, Michael Schaffer, Dennis Trencher, Bernie Krauss and commissioner liaison Elisabeth Gibbings.

Tiffany Patterson will take over as marketing committee chair with members Ellen Blocher, Alex Hannah, Gil Hofheimer, Kelly Ranieri, Janine Stevens and Bauer as liaison.

Former Mayor Dale Cooke was also named to the planning and zoning commission; his term is set to expire in October 2024.

After the vote, Jasinski proposed forming a new ad hoc committee to focus on a new town hall and police station. The committee should include members from the police department, town hall administrative staff and commissioners, and include public input into what would be needed in a new facility, he said.

Bauer agreed, and Stevens said he would look to add the two new committees at the next town meeting.

Later in the meeting, commissioners voted unanimously to approve $30,000 to be used to hire an architect to work on building plans for a new town hall and police department. Town Manager Bill Zolper said he proposed $30,000 to be allocated for the project because two years ago, the former town manager asked for and was approved to spend $25,000 on an architect. The money was never used, Zolper said.

A calendar listing all upcoming commissioner and committee meetings is available at

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