Vaccinate to best protect against COVID

August 13, 2021

In a video broadcast this week, Beebe Healthcare COVID-19 Medical Director Dr. William Chasanov minced no words when discussing the advantages of getting vaccinated. “The best way to avoid having to get treatment for COVID-19 – which could involve the hospital, the intensive care unit, and the possibility of needing a machine to help you breathe – is to not get the disease. Vaccines are the most effective way to prevent yourself from getting COVID-19 and the most effective way to decrease your chances of getting ill if you do get the disease.” 

Chasanov explained why it’s even more important now to take active measures to ward off the disease. The Delta strain of COVID-19 is far more contagious than the original strain that surged last year. And, calling it a “double whammy,” Chasanov added that the Delta variant also makes people sicker than the original strain. 

“It spreads faster and it makes people more ill. The number of cases we’re seeing in Delaware is increasing, as are hospitalizations,” said Chasanov. “This is not just in another country or another state.”

Last week, all three counties in Delaware were rated as having substantial community spread of COVID-19. This week, that rating has been elevated to high community spread. The message is clear: According to the top medical officials at Beebe Healthcare and throughout Delaware, for those who can get vaccinated, it’s the best bet for beating COVID-19. 

Also, to best protect yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors and your community, people should wear masks indoors, wash hands, maintain social distance, and stay healthy to fight the disease.

Beebe President and CEO Dr. David Tam added one other important request. “Healthcare workers are also fatigued and disheartened by the new surge. If you see them out and about, let them know you appreciate their efforts. Take the time to say thanks. Knowing they're supported is the best thing you can do to help them help all of us.”     


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