Vote for putting Dewey on a better fiscal path

September 20, 2019

Amidst bad reports from independent consultants on vital town services and operations, town management is busy stalling solutions, putting Dewey Beach on a very bad fiscal path.

The town’s budget is several hundred thousand dollars in the red. Payments of ongoing expenses are on hold until after the election. Instead of a budget discussion, town management suggested at the last meeting  that financial reports go from monthly to annually.

Commissioner candidates Redefer and Bauer have blocked items such as improving the website, afraid that people will be informed. They have voted against allowing the commissioners to read various reports.

The town this year on the decision of town management started running a parking trap. When a local visitor and doctor sent a complaint in (and we have gotten many complaints on this issue), she said she was responded to with “Get A life” and “Please do not contact me again with your nonsense!.” The right thing to do would be to apologize, say the town will look into your concerns, and discipline who wrote those responses. Town management wouldn’t even do that.

Commissioners now routinely get emails from visitors stating they are never coming back to Dewey Beach. Understand all the above will undermine our vital tourism industry and lower your property values.

Redefer and Bauer have proven their unwillingness to listen to new ideas, compromise at town meetings or address issues in a timely manner. It is damaging this town. Should we go into a recession, the town is not prepared. Sweeping everything under the rug is leading the town to disaster.

This election, you have a choice. Vote Philip Rowe (who has great budget experience) and Dale Cooke. Leave off a third candidate to maximize your vote.

David Moskowitz
commissioner, Town of Dewey Beach

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