Wishing and waiting for an overdue visit to the Cape Region from atop the hills of Durango, Colorado

August 1, 2020

Bryant Liggett of Durango, Colorado stands in the center of Overend Mountain Park reading the Cape Gazette. Bryant usually visits Lewes with his wife, Lindsay Marshall for about 3 weeks each year.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic that didn’t happen this year. Even though he hasn’t been able to make the trip for a good slice of Nicola pizza or a bucket of Thrasher’s fries, he can at least stay connected to the region by reading good local news in the Cape Gazette.

Bryant and Lindsay long for their yearly trip to Lewes. They really enjoy their morning bike rides on the trail to Rehoboth and back from his parents’ house in Covey Creek. Heck, Bryant even said he can’t wait to hear the Dan Gaffney show! “My parents and I don’t sit on the same political side as that dude, but that is some good radio,” said Bryant. “Hilarious at times.”

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