WSFS foundation pledges additional $100K for nonprofits

May 10, 2020

WSFS Bank announced a $100,000 pledge from the WSFS Community Foundation to provide further assistance to local organizations with COVID-19 relief efforts. The foundation recently contributed $200,000 to eight organizations that are also engaged in the fight against the virus.

As the pandemic continues to impact the region, so does the need for relief assistance. Local organizations receiving $10,000 grants include the Food Bank of Delaware, the Delaware Restaurant Education Foundation and La Red Health Center.

“Our nonprofits are struggling to keep pace with increased needs and our communities are feeling that distress. We are standing by our local nonprofit organizations as they are serving others during these difficult times,” said Vernita Dorsey, senior vice president, director of community strategy, WSFS Bank.

“There is always a silver lining in times of crisis and WSFS continues to commit resources to those directly in our communities that need the most help,” said Carrie Leishman, executive director of the Delaware Restaurant Education Foundation. “This contribution offers critical support for displaced hospitality workers dependent on their paychecks to support their families. One in 10 Delawareans work in the restaurant and foodservice industries and WSFS’ contributions will reach every neighborhood in Delaware.”

In addition, WSFS Bank recently made a $3 million contribution to the WSFS Community Foundation to fund future contributions throughout its footprint.


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