May 12, 2019





From the 1943 Lewes High School Beacon year book Christine Dunlap gives us the


1943 Band under direction of Miss Mary Fox.


With only 39 members the band gathered for the fists session last fall in the music room


and elected officers. Hilliard Palmer was elected president, Bill Hastings, vice president,


Christine Dunlap, secretary treasurer, Jim Short and Tom Morris, librarians. Under the


capable direction of Miss Mary Fox, the band practiced diligently and on December


7, 1942 made its first appearance when it played at the Christmas Fair held by the PTA


in the school auditorium. Since then several musical numbers have been learned including


overtures and patriotic marches which will be part of a spring concert Miss Fox has in her


plans. Everyone in the band enjoyed working with our new teacher and had a successful


year. Member are ; Clarinets, Bill Hastings, Betty Guerin, Ervin Lang, Bob Maull,


Sarah Carpenter, Phyllis Jefferson, Sara Rckards and Maclyn Culllum.


Flutes, Joann Greenspun and Alfred Graves.


Trumpets, Peggy Hocker, Jack Morris, James Short, Paul Hudson, Heaster Bennum, Jack Lynch and Louis Michalski.


Trombones, Hilliard Palmer, Bill Hocker, Doug Connor, Halsey Knapp.


Saxophones , Marilou Willard, Tom Best, Alfred Best, Bill Joseph, Ralton Dennis.


French Horn, Kathleen Baynum and Jim Palmer.


Tuba, Gene Perry


Bell Lyre, Norma Lee Stauffer


Drum Major, Kenny Mitchell. Drums, Bill McCabe, Donald Marsh, Jim Lehman, and

Joe Hudson. Bass Drum, Paynter Lynch and Jack Freeman.


Baritones, Tom Morris and Christine Dunlap.