Dutch Ditching Dairy and Meat

October 3, 2019

Yesterday I received an email from dear friends who have lived in The Netherlands for many years. We visited them in Delft in 2010 just one year before discovering the benefits of plant-based eating for ourselves! Communication with them has always stirred grand memories of fabulous food, glorious art, exquisite gardens and warmest hearts. However the following message from our Dutch friends was not about a memorable past, but rather about an urgent present—changing the Dutch diet!

“...pressure is mounting here for all of us to adopt plant-based eating. A media campaign is starting this week and for every possible reason—animal welfare, health, but mainly to halt climate change—the Dutch public is being urged to stop eating animal products.”

Our friends are taking this situation seriously but, like all of us who make dietary change for personal health, for the animals and/or to address climate change, they are looking for wise and credible guidance.

A good place to start is The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Another is The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

Well wishes to all as we respond to urgent calls worldwide for the kind of dietary change that brings health to individuals, animals and the planet.

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