Farewell, The Counting House Restaurant & Pub

June 25, 2021

Like many Sussex County couples who got married at the courthouse over the years, my husband and I went to The Brick Hotel’s restaurant after the ceremony to enjoy a meal with family. Thus we were heartbroken to hear in May that it would be closing at the end of summer to be turned into Department of Justice offices. We booked dinner reservations as soon as we could, and flaunted our nerdy love when we asked if we could kiss in front of the private room where we first celebrated our marriage. Which of course I posted a selfie of at

Due to the staffing shortage, we were warned that the restaurant probably wouldn’t be able to stay open as long as the hotel. We were able to make it to The Counting House one more time to devour delicious dishes by Chef Bill Clifton (which yes, I also posted to before it closed tonight. 

I’m not sure if the Department of Justice plans to keep the pretty flower pots I’ve always enjoyed photographing outside The Brick Hotel. Even if they do, I’ll probably only see them from a car going around The Circle. Great job to all the people who have ever tended them.

I’m hoping The Counting House will bloom in another location in the Cape Region. But for now, farewell to the staff. Thanks for all the memories!

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