August 19, 2020

Joe Biden has asked us to let him know what issues matter most to us. And so my husband has responded here with an issue that affects us all.

To Joe Biden:

Action is needed to insure that the USDA "Dietary Guidelines" faithfully reflect scientific findings—not the dictates of lobbyists as they have to date.

The nutritional benefits of plants, as opposed to animal products, have been debated for decades.  Unfortunately, the facts involved have been successfully distorted by animal agriculture, drug, and medical interests just as the truth in the tobacco debates was distorted by tobacco industry leaders.

Information that the Department of Agriculture has kept from the public is, in part, summarized below:

Peer reviewed studies have shown that a plant based diet, free from all animal products, is effective in preventing or reversing most chronic disease—including heart disease, cancer, and obesity—and provides a defense against the worst effects of Covid-19.  Worldwide adoption of such a diet would end factory farming of animals, its contribution to drug resistant bacteria and its incubation of new viruses.

These health benefits, if available to everyone, could reduce our nation's medical costs by as much as 80 percent.

In addition, a national plant based diet would reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 51 percent, increase the availability of agricultural land by a factor of 10, and end unspeakable animal suffering.

Our government should inform not deceive its citizens.  As our president I ask you to insist on this!

David L. Greer

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