Mask with a Message

June 23, 2020

If you’re hoping the coronavirus will magically disappear, if you’re hoping that things will soon return to “normal”, if you’re beginning to feel muzzled by your mask, it’s time to check out People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA.ORG). PETA tells us “animal-borne pathogens like the novel coronavirus will continue to be a risk as long as there are slaughter houses, factory farms and live markets. Eating meat is completely unnecessary and using animals for food is cruel to the animals, extremely unhealthy for people and devastating to the environment.”

Join me in spreading the lifesaving message: GO VEGAN!

Here’s a nutritious, quick and easy, meat-free meal:  stuff half a pita with favorite beans and veggies, add mustard and/or hummus. Enjoy with a cup of soup and some oven baked fries.


  • Dorothy Greet invites you on a journey to amazing good health and vitality through Plant-Based Eating.

    A heart attack turned her life upside down at age 70.

    Now, with a Cornell Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, this retired clergywoman teaches free classes to community groups upon request.

    To contact Ms. Greet, email

    For more information on plant-based eating go to

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