Orange Emperor arrives In Lewes

April 15, 2016

I bowed to these beautiful orange tulips outside the Fisher Martin House after I gaped at the Tulip Festival Photo Contest exhibit displayed inside. I felt like royalty because my baby tulip photo grew next to work by such talented photographers. And my submission is still hanging proudly! Due to the weather uprooting the exhibit from its usual spot under a tent in Zwaanendael Park, the Lewes Chamber of Commerce extended the show until Friday, April 15.

Although I didn't win, I'm pretty sure I already have the photo picked that I want to submit next year. I took it just minutes after photographing the Orange Emperor tulips. But you'll have to wait until next spring to see what sprung from my camera lens!


Aquariann enjoys watching petals grow much more than paint dry. That's why she's a flower photographer and illustrator instead of a painter. She welcomes all artists to join her weekly Flower Friday hop to share their pretty pictures on her other blog, the art and tree chatter of aquariann.


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