Sun shines on sense of community in Milton

April 12, 2020

Daffodils in Milton may have been peaking in March, but a few late bloomers are still around to witness our community supporting each other in the municipal parking lot, thanks to M&J S.W.A.T. leading the charge. The catering service offers home-cooked meals to the public in times of need - and with so many people’s jobs in jeopardy, there’s a lot more who need not only help feeding their family, but also their souls.

Ogre and I are no exception, but we were still hesitant to get in line until I saw Threasa Brittingham’s invitation in the Simply Milton. Facebook group that said, “Rich, poor, needy, hungry, pretty or ugly, all are welcome!” The BBQ smell that started emanating from the grills before dawn last Sunday cinched our decision to get in the car and drive across the street.

Sitting in the drive-thru and listening to the banter of those who were helping serve 8,000 pounds of donated Mountaire chickens was truly a blessing. I hadn’t laughed that long in days. Plus the meal was delicious - and lasted me for two days, as Ogre made chicken salad with my leftovers. (He does indeed eat like an ogre - he devoured all his grilled chicken, and saved his rice and corn for my lunch the next day.)

Mountaire wasn’t the only business who made more than 700 platters possible April 5 - BJ’s donated more than 300 pounds of charcoal and the BBQ Doctors volunteered use of six grills. Donations from individuals are also greatly appreciated to keep these free meals going. If you or your organization is able to provide money or supplies, please call 302-245-6790.

Follow the Milton Delaware Police Department on Facebook to receive public service announcements of when M&J S.W.A.T. will be back in town. Homemade spaghetti, meat sauce, garlic bread and salad is up next, starting at 10am on Easter. Hey, that’s today. Happy Easter!

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