Sweet smell of honeysuckle at Killens Pond

June 5, 2016

After several local events being rescheduled due to the weather forecast, I was surprised to wake to the sun shining. My husband and I have been disappointed time and time again by rain this spring when we actually had free time to spend outside. We didn't give the thunder gods much time to change their minds and drove to Killens Pond State Park in Felton as soon as we rubbed the sleep from our eyes.

What we didn't realize is that they're celebrating Delaware State Parks' 65th birthday! We bought an annual park pass back in April, so the free admission day for all visitors didn't save us of any money. But we were stopped at the gate and given a goodie bag that included a very nice beach towel, sponsored by

Isn't that sweet? But not as sweet as the smell of honeysuckle that wafted through the wind as we walked around the pond. Even a little lizard was enjoying the beautiful view from his spot on a fence.


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